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Thursday, April 12th, 2012

Gold Rush in Alaska

Prospecting can be fun, exciting and rewarding. If you like history or archeology it can help you fund your next trip or outing. Give you sources of interest the whole family can enjoy and participate in.
Many prospecting families belong to several different clubs such as Gold Prospectors Association of America. Clubs like the GPAA host special conventions and events to help introduce newbie’s to the fun and rewards of this hobby.

Members of GPAA also share stories of their gold prospecting adventures, photographs of the places they’ve prospected, techniques and equipment they’ve used.

Many events like these larger expositions hosted by GPAA are populated with representatives from any number of suppliers and manufacturers as well. At these special Gold & Treasure expositions you can have the chance to see equipment in use, and attend seminars and workshops. Participate in contests and hone your skills or win some prizes.

GPAA hosts an Alaska expedition as well as others that allow members to take their vacation doing what they enjoy most. Additionally there is more to do at Cripple River site than just pan for gold.
Alaska is having a resurgence of Gold Rush Days as well as other states around the U.S. due in part to the economy as well as many other reasons. With the price of gold on the rise many other countries are experiencing similar gold rushes also. Additional aspects of learning to or becoming a prospector is not only the enjoyment of the craft but it allows you to meet and great others with similar interests in science, history, travel, arts and crafts.

If you make jewelry or involved in some other craft that has a business side you might be able to trade information or create a business link with those you meet, while participating in the art of gold and gemstone prospecting.

If you missed out on the original Alaskan Gold rush in the first part of the late 1800’s or if you don’t have the chance this summer to participate in the Alaska gold rush directly, you can still enjoy and create your own gold rush right at home with Prospector Johns Alaska gold paydirt or gemstone bags.

This is the same rich quality paydirt received by pan-of the month club members, or customers who drop by in person to sample john’s fossil and gem bags or paydirt at either store.
Prospector John’s paydirt was even used recently at one of GPAA’s events and the feedback from participants has been phenomenal.

Don’t just hear about the Alaskan gold rush, be a participant and order your sample bag of Prospector Johns today!