Gold Bearing Gravel

 For the first time ever at Prospector Johns!

You read this right— this is the first time Prospector Johns is offering gold bearing gravel direct from the creek raw and unprocessed.

You can get your gold bearing gravels straight from the same stockpile sources I use. Shipped direct to your door in a medium flat rate USPS box containing gold bearing ore.

  I have been selling gold concentrates and paydirt for almost two decades now and have tens of thousands of happy customers…and I want thank you all.

Recently I’ve had a lot of repeat customers ask if they could buy my gravel as is—before I run it through my sluice systems.

I have come to realize a lot of you have your own little backyard operations with various pieces of equipment like sluices, classifiers and high bankers etc…and you want to use all of it and not just gold pans.


  I have been teaching folks in the summer tourist season how to prospect and use  a sluice and a pan. I give them a shovel and a bucket and have them shovel up a bucket of gravel and then I teach them how to use a sluice etc….as they process the gravel and end up with their gold in a small vial…and all have found color in their pan.

   This year I found out the contents from buckets used at our stores fits perfectly in a flat rate postal shipping box.

So postage is flat rate to send you the same direct gold gravels so you can use your own equipment.

I said “What the  heck lets see if this is something my customers would want”. And the response has been really strong and growing.

So here it is— a bucket of gravel straight from the stockpile I run through my own sluices… 

Buy Now!   $50.00 only which includes shipping fees.

I don’t know what you will find as obviously no one will know until it has been processed…

I guaranteed to my summer guests by giving them more pay dirt should they not find anything…

To this date I have never had to give a second bucket out to a guest. So it is pretty guaranteed you will find something…

However since most of you have been return customers and I want to make sure your experience is another  great one ordering from Prospector Johns, I will add two pieces of gold to each box just to be completely positive you will find some color when you work the material through your equipment.

shoveling gold bearing gravels

bucket full of gold bearing gravelsfilling box with gold bearing gravels

Boxed gold bearing gravels to your door

shipping and handling: 

   I live in an absolutely beautiful but remote area of Alaska which in itself can cause delays by the postal system and some extra costs (overnight delivery is not even available from here) Due to the distance to my main post office along with potential weather problems etc. I have a five working day shipping time to be safe. Though most days I am able to ship your order by the next day. Most of the time these things will not affect your order but I just want you to be aware that it can take up to five days to process an order.  Thank you, John  (Prospector John)


  • Medium Flat rate USPS Shipping box
  • Contents: a full bucket of unprocessed gold bearing gravel
  • Use your own equipment to process
  • Only $50.00 which also covers the postage and handling
  • Buy Now! while available.